Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mushroom Scarf Pattern

I have seen versions of this scarf every where.  Some great, some... need a little guidance.  But I couldn't find any patterns that I actually liked what the finished product looked like.  So, I made my own!

Stay warm this winter with this cute, nerdy scarf!  If you need further explanation, I made a video tutorial.  Part one is underneath the instructions for part one, and part two can be found at the bottom!

For this, I used:

Red colored Red Heart Super Saver yarn
White colored Red Heart Super Saver yarn
Black colored Red Heart Super Saver yarn
yarn needle
3.75mm (size F) crochet hook

Mushrooms (make 12 - work in rows)
Begin with white yarn

1.       Ch 9, turn
2.       Start in 2nd chain from hook, SC 8, turn
3.       INC, SC 6, INC, turn
4.       SC 10, turn
5.       SC, DC 8, SC, turn – change to red yarn
6.       3 DC in the first SC, SC 8, 3 DC in the last SC, turn
7.       SC 14, turn
8.       SC 14, turn
9.       SC 14, turn
10.   SC 14, turn
11.   DEC, SC 10, DEC, turn
12.   SC 12, turn
13.   DEC, SC 8, DEC, turn
14.   DEC, SC 6, DEC, turn
15.   CH 2 on your hook, DEC into the 3rd SC, SC 2, CH 2 on your hook and DEC into last stitch (skipping 3)

16.   F/O with slip stitch


      Work with black yarn.  Begin at the bottom of the mushroom face in a corner and single crochet in black yarn around the entire border of the mushroom, crocheting your yarn tails into the border as you go.  I crochet two SC in the area where you did a DEC of 3 at the top.

The Spots:

Work with white yarn.  There will be whole spots, and half circle spots.  If you are doing a double sided scarf, like I did in the videos, you will need 24 whole spots, and 48 half circle spots.

Whole Spots:

1. MR 5
2. INC in every stitch for a total of 10 stitches
F/O leaving a tail for sewing on later

Half circle spots;

1. MR 3, turn and work in rows
2. INC in every stitch for a total of 6 stitches
F/O leaving a tail for sewing on later

Details (eyes and sewing on the spots)

Sew on the spots like the photo above shows.  The whole spots will be in the center of the red, one on the front and one on the back of each mushroom.  Simply sew using the yarn tail you left on the spot with your yarn needle.   Repeat the same process with the half circles, just placing them on each side of the whole spot, one on the front and one on the back for each side.  You will use a total of two whole circles and four semicircles on each mushroom if you are making it double sided.


You will use black yarn to embroider the eyes on.  I place the eyes between stitch 3-4 and stitch 6-7 on the double crochet white row, then weave the tails in.


All 12 of your mushrooms should be complete at this point.  They will go one on top of the other.  I do mine first in two rows of 6, then take the top mushroom of each group of 6 and sew the tops together (to make the two groups of six face opposite directions).  They will then always be right side up when you are wearing them. Just use your black yarn and sew them together!

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