Wednesday, August 24, 2016

#Crochetgo! Free Charmander Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

We're all obsessed with Pokemon Go right now, am I right?  Even if you aren't, you know what it is.  But have you heard of #Crochetgo? A bunch of crocheters from around the world (myself included) have started making up these little critters and leaving them at Pokestops around their towns with notes explaining #CrochetGo for other Pokemon masters to find while hunting!  It's seriously addicting, and a lot of fun.

A lot of the free patterns I have found for these guys are pretty big, so I have started writing some for myself with smaller critters in mind.  I'll post some up here when I get them right so we can populate the world with Pokemon!

A wild charmander appeared!  This pattern uses single crochet, increases and decreases, and you should know how to do the "magic ring".  There are great tutorials on Youtube for the magic ring - I highly recommend learning it if you do a lot of amigurumi!

Things I used are:

Red Heart Super Saver worsted weight yarn in burnt orange, cream, red and yellow
Size F/5 (3.75mm) crochet hook
2 black 10mm safety eyes
Yarn needle
Poly-fil (stuffing)
Pet brush

Head and Body (orange)

1. Magic ring: 6
2. Inc around (12)
3. (Sc, Inc) around (18)
4. (Sc 2, Inc) around (24)
5. (Sc 3, Inc) around (30)
6-9. Sc around (30)
10. (Sc 3, dec) around (24)
11. (Sc 2, dec) around (18)
12. (Sc 1, dec) around (12)

Pause here.  Insert two 10mm safety eyes between rows 8-9, approximately 6 stitches apart.  Stuff head.

13. Inc around (24) 
14-15. Sc around (24)
16. (Sc 3, Inc) around (30)
17-18. Sc around (30)
19. (Sc 3, dec) around (24)
20. (Sc 2, dec) around (18) - Stuff body here if you haven't started to already.
21. (Sc 1, dec) around (12)
22. Dec around (6) (f/o)

Legs (Make two) (orange)

1. Magic ring: 6
2. (Sc 1, inc) around (9)
3-4. Sc around (9) (f/o) - Leave a tail for sewing onto the body later.

Arms (Make two) (orange)

1. Magic ring: 4
2. (Sc 1, inc) around (6)
3-4. Sc around (6) - Leave a tail for sewing onto the body later.

Tail (orange)

1. Chain 8 (leave a tail at the beginning of your ch to sew on later)
2. Connect the first chain of row 2 to the first chain of row 1 to create a ring. Sc around (8)
3-5. Sc around (8)
6. (Sc 2, dec) around (6)
7. Sc around (6)
8. Dec to (f/o) 

Tummy (cream)

1. Chain 4
2-3. Ch 1 to turn, ch 4
4. (dec, sc 2, sl st to f/o) Leave a tail for sewing on.

Note:  The tummy may seem a little confusing in the top row, but what you are going for is just two sc in the middle of the top row:  


The dec and sl st help to "round out" the top.
Now you're ready to sew him all together! I put the tummy on first, so I knew it would fit between his legs and arms.  After you sew on his tail, arms, legs and tummy (stuffing the legs, arms and tail of course) you are ready to do the flame on his tail.

Flame (red and yellow):

Start off by taking your desired amount of red and yellow yarn and threading it through the tip of his tail.  I just used one string each, since he's small.  Knot it at the end to keep it from coming off - I double knotted.

Here is where the pet brush comes in.  I'm forever losing my cats' brushes, so I have one that hadn't been used by them yet.  It's now a craft creating accessory!  You'll want one with the little wire-like bristles that are close together, so you can separate and fluff up the yarn.

Just brush out the yarn to make it fluffy!  You're done!
Admire your handiwork, and then #Crochetgo!  I've been keeping track of my #crochetgo "adventures" via my Instagram if you're interested in it, check it out and jump on board!

Charmander is going to go find a new home today, I'm meeting the husbeast for lunch at a restaurant in our town that has a Pokestop attached to it!

Reading the pattern:
Sc - single crochet
sl st - slip stitch
f/o - finish off
dec - decrease
inc - increase

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